Fresh Ticino cheese
with marinated pumpkin
and roasted pumpkin seeds
Fr. 22.-
- V - G -
Sautéed goose liver escalope
with caramelized figs,
Ben Ryé Passito and warm brioche
Fr. 33.-
Wils salmon sashimi,
pear-ginger-vodka sherbet
and carrot sauce
Fr. 25.-
- G -
Beef tartare from Piemonte
sautéed marrow, vinegar powder
and Dijon mustard mayonnaise
Fr. 27.-
- G -


Homemade Merlot tagliatelle,
hare ragout scented
with Bisbino Gin and red fruits
Fr. 26.-
Creamy risotto fro Novara
with coffee reduction and powder,
lime and capers
Fr. 24.-
- V - G -
Ravioli filled with Stracchino
cheese and black truffle on smoked
potato purée and cress
Fr. 24.-
- V -
Seasonal vegetable soup with seafood,
Habanero drops and parsley emulsion
Fr. 22.-
- G -


Braised beef cheeks with dark beer,
cauliflower cream and pickles jelly
Fr. 39.-
- G -
Piglet fillet cooked at low temperature
on apple purée, celery and star anise sauce
Fr. 41.-
- G -
Sautéed codfish, liquid smoked
scamorza and vegetables with olive oil
Fr. 44.-
- G -
Sautéed turbot, turnip peaks, sea
urchins and liquid buffalo mozzarella sauce
Fr. 45.-
- G -


Creamy gianduja millefeuille
with Isabella grape sherbet
Fr. 16.-
Mont Blanc in transparency
Fr. 14.-
Warm dark chocolate cake,
pear compote and creamy nut ice cream
Fr. 15.-
Fine cheeses selection
with fruit and vegetable chutney
and lukewarm pan brioche
Fr. 19.-


G = Gluten-free
V = Vegetarian