Fitness Room

For the well-being of both body and mind, gym and phisical exercise play a fundamental role. The fitness centre of the Resort Collina d’Oro, unique of its kind, is set in a pleasant natural location and is equipped with all the latest-generation training and fitness facilities. Upon request, it is possible to attend various tests and individual sessions with the personal trainer, who will grant the correct execution of the personalized exercise programs designed for our guests.


Body Composition:
InBody 720

Body composition analysis with ratio between lean body mass and fat mass.
The personalized weight loss and fitness program is based on these results.

Delos: Postural Proprioceptive Analysis

This analysis controls and establishes the pos- ture and balance. The balance system is sub- ject to early degeneration during the course of life, especially if not trained enough. Restora- tion and stabilization of the equilibrium is the goal of the Delos System training program.


A metabolic test, that measures oxygen con-sumption and energy expenditure during rest and exercise. The results provide reliable information about the state of fitness and enable to create a personalized fitness and weight management plan.



Personal Trainig session (1 hour)
CHF 100.-

Access to the SPA & Fitness Centre 1 month
CHF 350.-

Access to the SPA & Fitness Centre 3 months
CHF 900.-

Access to the SPA & Fitness Centre 6 months
CHF 1'600.-

Access to the SPA & Fitness Centre 1 year
CHF 2'500.-

Our personal trainer is at your full disposal to design personalized fitness programs according to your needs.